Dumb, Dumber, Dumbest: A Breakdown of the Best Movie Idiots

Braindead blackmailers, head-bopping bozos and a man named Brick — we rank the movie characters who give stupidity a bad name

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Steve and Doug Butabi, 'A Night at the Roxbury' (1998)

Spawns of a Saturday Night Live sketch, the Butabi brothers engage in daily club-hopping that can only be described as social masochism. Every night ends the same way: female rejections and forceful exits courtesy of a bouncer. But hey, that's part of the game! Eventually, they think, their story of meeting Emilio Estevez or an excessive use of crass pick-up lines (including Steve's patented ambulance impression: "...the sight of you stopped my heart...") will work on someone. During the day, they're terrifying proto-millennials stomping around their parents' mansion in their leopard-skin underpants. By night, they're would-be Donald Trumps, committed to their genius plan: A nightclub where the inside looks like the outside and the outside looks at the inside. Remember, kids: Head-bobbing to Haddaway's "What Is Love" will cause permanent brain damage.
Dumb Factor: 6

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