This summer, we'll all thrill to the latest rock 'em-sock 'em adventures of the Avengers and Ant-Man, Mad Max and Magic Mike, the Terminator and whatever Tyrannosaurus Rex on steroids that Jurassic World has in store. But man can't live off of tentpole films and brand-name franchise entries alone; occasionally, moviegoers simply want to order something not on the multiplex menu. Rolling Stone's film critic Peter Travers has already hashed through the summer's sequels, reboots and marquee-name must-sees (as well as one or two "smaller" gems — you won't want to miss the indie transgender-revenge flick Tangerine). Now we've put together a breakdown of 20 movies coming out between the middle of May and the end of August that are off the beaten blockbuster path — documentaries, independent dramas, a few foreign-language treasures and one or two things that are simply unclassifiable.