25 Movies We Can't Wait to See at SXSW 2016

From docs on D&D masters and Burt Reynolds to Pee-wee's latest big adventure, our top choices for the Austin-based film fest

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Early on the morning of August 1st, 1966, University of Texas student and former U.S. marine Charles Whitman killed his wife and mother, then headed to campus with a virtual arsenal's worth of firearms. He took residence in a tower and, for close to 90 minutes, randomly fired upon passerbys until he was shot by a policeman. Documentarian Keith Maitland uses first-person testimonies from witnesses to recreate Whitman's killing spree from various ground-level perspectives; he also uses rotoscoped animation to lend the entire proceedings a creepy, surreal feeling of distance as a normal Texas day turns into a waking nightmare. DF

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