25 Best Modern Exploitation Movies

From sex-and-violence revenge flicks to blaxploitation spaghetti Westerns, meet the new grindhouse classics

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23. 'Nymphomaniac Vols. 1 and 2' (2013)

Subgenres: Sexploitation, Nymphosploitation, Auteursploitation, Shialeboufsploitation
Credit where it's due: When Danish filmmaker Lars von Trier does something — writing a film-movement manifesto, flaming out at a press conference, or making a skin flick — he does not do it half-assed. (The man is all about full-frontal.) Vowing to chart the sexual awakening of a woman from her early years to her thirties, the filmmaker's two-volume opus unfolds like a Candide of carnal knowledge; it also features copious scenes of explicit copulating (albeit with with digitally enhanced phalluses), nudity, spanking, and a skeezier than usual Shia LeBeouf, which is saying something. Arthouse bona fides or not, both of these installments double as feel-bad movies for the raincoat crowd — the sort of salacious movie in which every money shot is accompanied by a moral, and vice versa. DF

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