25 Best Modern Exploitation Movies

From sex-and-violence revenge flicks to blaxploitation spaghetti Westerns, meet the new grindhouse classics

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12. 'Ichi the Killer' (2001)

Subgenres: J-sploitation, Yakuzasploitation, Ultraviolencesploitation
When Japanese auteur-rorist Takashi Miike's yakuza gorefest premiered at the 2001 Toronto Film Festival, promotional barf bags were handed out, and it was no idle stunt. The movie's title is revealed rising from a pool of jizz left after our protagonist, in a black latex body suit, jerks off while watching a pimp rape a prostitute — and that's just the beginning of the vicious, cartoonish parade of depravity. It's 129 minutes that reads like one extended torture sequence. "If you're going to give someone pain, you've got to get into it," Ichi's real hero, young sadomasochistic gangster Kakihara, says at one point. To Miike's eternal credit, he's not just content to give that advice to his protagonist but to follow it to the letter himself. BG

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