25 Best Modern Exploitation Movies

From sex-and-violence revenge flicks to blaxploitation spaghetti Westerns, meet the new grindhouse classics

25. 'Crank' (2006)

Subgenres: Hitmansploitation, Adrenalinesploitation, Stathamsploitation
Jason Statham is a hitman who's injected with a delayed-response poison — "some kind of Chinese synthetic shit" — that'll stop the heart without a constant supply of adrenaline. (Imagine Speed, only the bulletheaded British action star is the bus.) Never ones for underplaying, directors Mark Neveldine and Brian Taylor literally cut to the chase and then keep chasing, with a constant supply of whooshing cars, thwapping bullets, smash cuts, cartoonishly canted angles and comedic gags. It's a cheap fix by design, as unapologetically crass and over-the-top as a Red Bull and coke, pornified breasts, and Statham's scowl-heavy mugging — all of which the film happily has in spades. EH