20 Best Things We Saw and Heard at San Diego Comic-Con 2015

From a jaw-dropping 'Star Wars' tease to a cosplaying congressman — the creme de la Con

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Her Universe Hits the Runway
Corey Ransberg5/20

Her Universe Hits the Runway

Let's be honest: The notion of a Simpsons' Comic Book Guy-style nerd clad in a stained T-shirts, ratty sweatpants, and sock-sandals is not an unearned stereotype in the geek community. But at cosplay-friendly places like SDCC, exquisite handmade outfits are quickly outnumbering utilikilts. And a lot of that is due to Her Universe, who for the second year in a row mounted a runway show and fashion competition at the Manchester Grand Hyatt. More than 20 designers tasked with defining "geek couture" competed against each other, presenting fashion interpretations of franchises such as Star Wars, Doctor Who and Assassin's Creed. Ultimately Leetal Plat's flowing Sailor Moon eveningwear won the audience prize, while the judges picked Kelly Cercone's Joker-themed dress; both will collaborate on a new product line for Hot Topic. DM

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