20 Best Matthew McConaughey Performances

From the alright to the 'all right all right all right!,' here are the greatest acting turns from the 'Interstellar' star

14. 'The Paperboy' (2012)

In a movie notorious for its campy excesses — Google "Nicole Kidman pees on Zac Efron" — McConaughey is one of The Paperboy's few bastions of restraint. (No, we have not forgotten the nude S&M aftermath motel scene. It's that kind of movie.) Lee Daniels' giddily florid Florida murder-mystery finds the actor playing a reporter trying to prove that John Cusack's kooky death-row inmate is innocent. Surrounded by so much over-the-top ludicrousness, McConaughey risks being overshadowed, but he's the film's smart, still center, desperately trying to keep this boat from capsizing.

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