20 Best Matthew McConaughey Performances

From the alright to the 'all right all right all right!,' here are the greatest acting turns from the 'Interstellar' star

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1. 'Magic Mike' (2012)

David Wooderson, Mark Hanna, even Rust Cohle: They're exaggerated variations of the male animal who probably shouldn't be let loose in the general population. But what makes them indelible is the same reason that Magic Mike's Dallas is McConaughey's apex: He honors their extremes while finding the humanity beneath their behavior. His performance as the strutting, ridiculous strip-club owner is perfect because, first, it's so deeply felt and, second, because it really is ridiculous. The sort of motor-mouth entrepreneur who won't shut up for fear that if he does his dreams won't come true, Dallas is pure positivity, pure hustle, pure gyrating id — but McConaughey made him real.

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