19 Burning Questions for Sundance 2014

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Can Zach Braff Quiet His Haters?
Lawrence Sher8/19

Can Zach Braff Quiet His Haters?

Zach Braff's debut film Garden State became one of the most divisive films of this century: Despite the love from Scrubs fans, the film was pilloried by many critics for defining an era of irritating "twee" – and perpetuating the adorkable fantasy of the "manic pixie dream girl." But Braff didn't back down. He went back to fans with his hat out and raised two million dollars on Kickstarter for Wish I Was Here, despite an enormous backlash from people who didn't understand why fans would give a rich actor more money. (Even James Franco joined in.). Will Braff's brash gambit prove his haters wrong? Or throw fuel on the fire?

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