15 Best Movie Stoners of All Time

All screen stoners are not created equal: There are characters who take the occasional toke, and then there are the ones that have turned a wake-and-bake habit into a way of life. Some of them react insanely over the top after a few puffs; some simply get the giggles; and some of them can barely get off the couch after a few monster bowls. All of these silver-screen smokers, however, have given potheads some film heroes they can, like, call their own.

So in honor of 4/20, a.k.a Mary Jane Christmas, we're inducting the first honorees of our Movie Stoner Hall of Fame. These are the men and women who've bong-hit and hotboxed their way into screen immortality — your Cheech and Chongs, your Harold and Kumars, your Jeffrey "The Dude" Lebowskis. Congratulations, class of 2016: We know the perfect way you can celebrate.