Food, Family and Psycho Turkeys: 12 Off-the-Wall Thanksgiving Movies

From dysfunctional dinners to killer birds, these films will make for some interesting post-feast viewing — or clear the room in a hurry

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'ThanksKilling' (2009)

Because who does not love a movie about a killer phantom turkey — named, naturally, "Turkie" — who appears every five centuries to enact revenge on the ancestors of those who exploited the Native Americans? Did we mention that it looks like it was shot for $4.50, and features a poultry puppet who disembowels people with his beak? Or that his catch phrase is "Gobble, gobble, motherfucker"? Until Eli Roth finally makes a full-length slasher feature out his Grindhouse trailer "Thanksgiving," this is the best holiday-specific horror film we've got.

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