Food, Family and Psycho Turkeys: 12 Off-the-Wall Thanksgiving Movies

From dysfunctional dinners to killer birds, these films will make for some interesting post-feast viewing — or clear the room in a hurry

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'Pieces of April' (2003)

The closest thing to a full-blown Thanksgiving movie here (next to the one with the homicidal, wisecracking turkey, of course), Peter Hedges' Sundance favorite follows a mall-punked-out Katie Holmes as she preps for hosting a dinner in her shoebox of a Lower East Side apartment. Her suburban clan is coming into the big, bad city for the occasion — which, given the fact that Mom has terminal cancer, is likely to be the last one with the whole family present. Despite the lo-fi look and pinpricks of indie quirk, it's a fairly traditional holiday flick about putting aside differences, accepting lifestyle choices (and interracial relationships), etc. The fact that most of your family members have neither seen this film nor heard of this modest gem makes it an offbeat, but not off-putting, choice.

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