Best Dowager Countess Quotes: 'Downton Abbey' Season Three


Maggie Smith, Downton Abbey, Dowager Countess
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Oh no she Downt'nt! True, Downton Abbey may not be the most action-packed show on television. But thanks to the irrepressible presence of Lady Violet Crawley, the Dowager Countess of Grantham, it packs an arsenal of zingers, one-liners, and bon mots brutal enough to make a Walking Dead shotgun blast look like a musical number from Dora the Explorer. Imagine those two old-man Muppets who heckle from the balcony dressed in Edwardian drag and you've got an idea of the scathingly funny energy that Dame Maggie Smith brings to every scene she's in.

Which makes it hard to come up with the definitive list of her best lines from Downton Abbey Season Three, but like the Dowager Countess herself we never shirk from a challenge. In the aftermath of Sunday's shocking season finale, here are Lady Violet's 16 best quotes from Season Three. Disagree if you want, but both we and the Dowager are never wrong.

By Sean T. Collins

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