10 Movie Characters 'Inspired' by Donald Trump

Never mind Biff from 'Back to the Future' — here are a few other famous Trump-like film roles

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King Koopa, 'Super Mario Bros.' (1993)

King Koopa, 'Super Mario Bros.' (1993)

A germaphobic lizard person who plasters his name across every inch of available real estate in the world's most vital metropolis — Donald Trump was clearly on the writers' minds when this big-screen take on the popular Nintendo game franchise was being penned. Played by the great Dennis Hopper, who looked alarmingly similar to Trump even before they fitted the actor with a waxy blonde wig, Koopa amasses an army of "loyal, lethal, and stupid" supporters (known as Goombas) in his bid to extend his rule beyond Dinohattan and into another dimension entirely. [Ahem] Even the filmmakers couldn't have foreseen how Koopa's ambition would eventually inspire Trump to migrate his success from the private sector to the political arena. Although Koopa's master plan involved making his followers more intelligent, so… yeah.

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