Negative Creeps: 10 Best Unlikeable Movie Antiheroes

From antisocial boy geniuses to 'God's lonely man' vigilantes, here's a look back at some memorable screen 'heroes' we'd cross the street to avoid

10. Mark Zuckerberg ('The Social Network,' 2010)

Yes, the Mark Zuckerberg we meet in David Fincher's epic ode to These Internet Times is supposedly nothing like the real billionaire, and Aaron Sorkin's script takes beaucoup liberties with the site's origin story. But as played to on-the-spectrum perfection by Jesse Eisenberg, the movie version of the former Ivy League student who struck Silicon Valley gold is one contemptuous, class-envying mess. He knows he's the smartest person in the room and can't help but lord it over everybody else; even if you admire the shrewdness of this boy genius, you recoil at how he radiates passive-aggressive hate towards business partners, best friends, ex-flames and seemingly 99 percent of the human race. That's the great irony of the film and performance: The dude who virtually invented modern social networking is the most antisocial oddball of them all.