10 Best Things We Saw at Sundance 2015

From a 17th-century horror movie to the definitive Kurt Cobain doc, here are our best of the fest

'Z for Zachariah'

'Z for Zachariah'

Craig Zobel's adaptation of Robert O'Brien's 1974 cult sci-fi novel majorly tweaks the story by adding in a third character (Chris Pine's coal miner) to turn its tale of life after nuclear meltdown a love triangle. More importantly, the Compliance director shifts the tone from YA pulp to postapocalyptic mood piece, as a farm girl (Margot Robbie) and an engineer (Chiwetel Ejiofor) find their agrarian paradise interrupted by Pine's mysterious stranger. Only who's the serpent in this Eden? It's a simply told, straight-ahead work that trades in bells and whistles for atmosphere and great acting — an adult take on adolescent-lit that's gets under your skin. DF

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