'The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild' Patched to be "More Pleasant"

Pleasantness apparently buffed, while arrow exploit is removed

'Breath of the Wild' patched " for a more pleasant gaming experience" Credit: Nintendo

Breath of the Wild was patched to version 1.1.2 last night, and all Nintendo is saying in the related patch notes is that "adjustments have been made to make for a more pleasant gaming experience." That's it. No explanation, no examples.

So, was pleasantness buffed? Or was unpleasantness nerfed?

There was some speculation from fans ahead of the patch being released that the next round of changes would smooth out the frame rate in some areas (notably Korok Forest), but based on our time with the game so far this isn't especially noticeable. There's also the possibility that some of the more difficult challenges 

Although not mentioned in the notes, numerous reports indicate that Nintendo has patched out a particularly useful exploit that allowed players to farm up to 999 arrows from enemies while not taking any damage. Pre-patch, if you positioned Link in a safe spot near a group of Bokoblin archers, they would keep twanging arrows at him indefinitely, but would never actually hit him. You could collect a full stash just by picking them up off the ground. Since last night's patch, the Bokoblins seem to have gotten smart to the trick, and now after Link has collected a dozen or so arrows, he's unable to collect any more.

Perhaps it's best to stock up on arrows before you apply the patch.

Here's the trick in action.