Xbox One X Pre-Orders Are Live, Enhanced Games Upped to 130

You can now pre-order an Xbox One X

Pre-orders for the Xbox One X standard edition opened today as Microsoft announced that Far Cry 5, L.A. Noire, Greedfall and Okami HD are among the 130 games that will be enhanced for the more powerful console.

The Xbox One X hits stores November 7th for $499.99.

Today's pre-order kick-off for the standard edition of the Xbox One X follows the pre-order sale for the limited edition, "fan-inspired" Project Scorpio Edition of the Xbox One X. That system, which will include a custom color, vertical stand and wireless controller, sold out shortly after it went up for sale.

Microsoft has said in the past that the Xbox One X delivers about 40 percent more power and 60 percent more memory than the original Xbox One, as well as support for 4K support. More than 100 new and existing games will be enhanced to take advantage of the Xbox One X's more powerful internals.

The Xbox One X is the most recent edition to the Xbox One family of consoles. The original Xbox One was released in North America in November 2013. The slimmed down 4K-supporting Xbox One S came out in August 2016. Microsoft had sold an estimated 33 million Xbox One and Xbox One S consoles as of June since its release, according to research firm SuperData, putting it far behind the more than 60 million PlayStation 4s sold by Sony. 

Microsoft said told Glixel last month that it had stopped manufacturing the original Xbox One, replacing it with the Xbox One S.