Wrist 'Pong' is a Thing With New Smartwatch Made Just for Gamers

$199 Gameband comes in Atari and 'Terraria' flavors


Smartwatches are great for many things, getting texts, tracking your workouts, looking really impolite during social gatherings, but no one has quite cracked gaming on the tiny screen just yet. Gameband wants to change that, launching a crowdfunding campaign for a new gamer watch.

The Gameband stands out from the crowdfunding gamer junk because of the partners it's already signed up, - Atari and Terraria - a team that has worked at Apple, Epson, Nike, Disney and Lenovo and the power under its miniature hood. It packs a Qualcomm Snapdragon Wear 2100 processor and a 1:1 AMOLED 1.63" display. The games it'll ship with are Asteroids, Pong, Breakout, Centipede and Crystal Castles, so this is really one for the retro crowd. The team are also working on a mini-game version of Terraria.

There's an upgradable MicroSD capability and it'll ship with apps like Amazon's Alexa, so it'll fulfill most of the usual smartwatch functions. It'll sell for $199 (for reference the basic Apple Watch is $269) if it hits its Kickstarter targets. 

Right now it's got $49,857 towards its $75,000 goal and more than a month to go, so the signs are good. The creators are also promising more games as stretch goals in case funding goes above the target.