What do Google and Wonder Woman Have in Common?

A superhero and a tech company team up to encourage girls to code

Gal Gadot plays Wonder Woman. Credit: Warner Bros.

Google decided to celebrate the launch of the new Wonder Woman movie in the most Silicon Valley way possible. It built a coding tutorial. What's special about this particular lesson is that it's designed to encourage girls to hone their tech talents and uses scenes from Wonder Woman to do it.

"Wonder Woman is the first lead female super heroine in a blockbuster movie, championed by a female cast and production team," says Google's Mathilde Cohen Solal. "We think this story can also serve as an inspiration to teen girls and women everywhere and empower them to become computer programmers, engineers and game developers."

The coding lesson covers training with the amazons, navigating a perilous forest and using the lasso of truth. You control Diana by dragging blocks that represent actions and arranging them according to conditions and variables. Players are rewarded with the smug glow of accomplishment and some movie footage when they get it right. 

Google has also buddied up with Made with Code and Warner Bros to host a special event today. 100 girls have will attend (invited from various non-profits that Google has partnered with in the LA area, like NCWIT Technolo Chicas, Steam Coders and EmpowHER) and get to see a screening of the movie and a talk from leading VFX producer Amber Kirsch. 

"The partnership and event aims to inspire teen girls with code, given that girls are less likely than boys to be encouraged to pursue computer science and only 22 percent of gaming developers are women," says Google.