'We Happy Few' Getting Movie Adaptation

"I hope we don't create another shit video game movie"

'We Happy Few' is currently in an early access version on PC and Xbox One. Credit: Compulsion Games

We Happy Few hasn't been officially released yet, but the dystopian title is getting a movie adaptation anyway. The producer behind acapella hit Pitch Perfect has taken up the challenge with developer Compulsion Games. 

"I don't think we're aiming to see anything specific in the movie. We're more interested in working with great people and helping them achieve what they want to achieve," says Compulsion's Sam Abbott. 

"That's our philosophy behind making games; we value people's craftsmanship, and we don't want to control everything. If we can help create a movie that the people working on it are proud of, that is related to the game but is its own kind of awesome, we'll be very happy with that."

We Happy Few puts a dark spin on an alternative history where 1964 Britain is heavily medicated with a substance called Joy, and those who can't or won't submit to its effects are labelled downers and cast out from society. Basically it's a better premise than that of 90 per cent of the Hollywood blockbusters currently in production.

"I mean, I also want to say that I hope we don't create another shit video game movie. But I am pretty sure that's what everybody thinks in this situation," adds Abbott. 

Variety reports that dj2 Entertainment is also working on the movie. That's the same dj2 Entertainment currently adapting Sleeping Dogs with Rogue One's Donnie Yen.