Watch Your Favorite Game Makers in James Franco 'Why Him?' Trailer

Blizzard, Ubisoft and 343 Industries come out for the new James Franco movie

20th Century Fox

In his latest movie Why Him? James Franco plays a successful mobile game developer who made big money with Ape Assassins, "the Super Mario Bros. of mobile," so for a special trailer 20th Century Fox has rounded up a bunch of real game creators to give the character a shout out. 

Watch Blizzard's Michael Morhaime (who blames Ape Assassins for the cancelation of Titan,) Halo developer Kiki Wolfkill and Assassin's Creed boss Aymar Azaïzia, among others, praise the fictional Laird Mayhew in the new trailer. 

Showing an extra level of commitment, 20th Century Fox has also released Ape Assassins on iPhone and Android 

Written by Jonah Hill and Zoolander writer John Hamburg, Why Him? will be in theaters December 23 and also stars Breaking Bad's Bryan Cranston, Zooey Deutch (Vampire Academy, Beautiful Creatures), Adam Devine (Pitch Perfect), and Keegan-Michael Key.