Watch Us Play the 'For Honor' Beta

A tantalizing glimpse of Ubisoft's ambitious competitive brawler

Watch our 'For Honor Beta' livestream

Ubisoft's multiplayer brawler For Honor will be released on February 14 but its closed beta test is happening right now, and will be live through until the end of the weekend. Glixel senior editor Miguel Lopez and general manager John Davison stepped into some revealing strappy Viking armor and swung a giant war axe around while checking out the game's ambitious "War of the Factions" mode. 

Players can also choose to play as a Knight or Samurai in the beta (we tried out both over the course of the hour we played it) and then head into battle as a representative of that faction. In the final release this mode will tie all of the game's competitive activity into a cross-platform, persistent meta-game. When For Honor is live in February this will take the form of "seasons" that will each last 10 weeks, but for the purposes of the beta will be compressed into a single weekend. The game will track the performance of every player across all three platforms during the test period (all the servers talk to each other,) and members of the winning faction will receive special in-game rewards that will transfer to the full game through players' Ubisoft accounts.

We'll be livestreaming games every Thursday on our Twitch channel, and we'll no doubt be following up with more chat about what we've played on our podcast which goes out every Friday.