Watch Trailer for Crazy Cat Game Movie 'Neko Atsume'

The cat collecting game that ruled our phones is getting a movie spin-off

AMG Entertainment

The mobile game that turned a significant number of smartphone owners into animal hoarders, despite initially only being available in Japanese, has been rewarded for its success with a movie adaptation. Behold, the very Japanese and very fluffy trailer for Neko Atsume, or The House of Cat Collection.

The aim of the mobile game (which was released in 2014 but went viral in the west around 2015) was to attract different cats to your home and garden with different food and toys. Once a cat was visiting you could name it, and there were special themed cats that could be tempted into appearance. Who can forget the rotund Tubbs or the dashing Ramses the Great? 

The movie, due for release in Japan in April, seems to have stuck with the main theme of the game which is cats, cats and then some cats. It stars Atsushi Ito, known for playing otaku characters, as an author suffering with writer's block. Zokata Masatoshi is directing.