Watch This Amazing Transforming Room in 'Minecraft'

Incredible building interior transforms from a library into an armory

Watch this incredible 'Minecraft' contraption in action The Duke MC

If you struggle to even make a decent looking house when you're placing blocks in Minecraft, the cleverness of some builders will no doubt blow your mind. YouTuber TheDukeMC – the self-proclaimed "slightly insane inventor" – is definitely one of these inspiring creators. He specializes in vast mechanical contraptions and inventions that utilize redstone as a power source with spectacular results.

His latest creation is a transforming room that evokes the Clockwork Mansion from Dishonored 2, and it's an incredible achievement. Worth 10 minutes of your time if you're fascinated by the seemingly boundless creativity that Minecraft culture inspires. In the video, he not only shows off the end result – but also walks you through how he managed to do it.