Watch the Wacky 'Steep: Winterfest' DLC Trailer

First of three DLC packs includes crazy outfits, new challenges and a winter sled

'Steep: Winterfest' DLC is coming May 3 Credit: Ubisoft

The first DLC for Ubisoft's quietly popular and ambitious open-world extreme sports game Steep has been revealed, and it'll be available May 3 for PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

The new pack inserts some welcome wackiness into a game that was previously very serious about the different ways it allowed you to hurl yourself down a huge mountain at great speed. First and foremost, it introduces an unexpected new sport into Steep's otherwise contemporary selection, in the shape of the winter sled – which is a rickety old-style wooden contraption that looks like the kind of thing that spends more time hung on the walls of ski lodges as decorations these days. Winterfest also adds 21 new challenges, 10 costumes – many of them silly, customization items, and "brand new bosses that will draw players into a breathtaking adventure and invite them to defeat fantastic new foes." The sled can be used to travel around freely, just like you can with skis, snowboards, wingsuits, and paragliders.

Winterfest comes as part of the season pass, or if you want to buy it separately it will set you back $11.99.