Watch The 'Project Cars 2' Love Letter to Porsche

Porsche factory driver Patrick Long explains how he helped out on the racing simulation

Bandai Namco Entertainment America

Project Cars 2, the racing simulation from Slightly Mad Studios, takes attention to detail seriously. So seriously that it enlisted the help of Porsche factory driver Patrick Long to help test out the feel of each Porsche that made it into the game. This video explaining the partnership is basically soft porn for petrol heads. 

"My involvement with Project Cars came from a very pure driver/engineer relationship, working with them on tuning Porsche's products to relate back to the user in the crispest most authentic way," says Long. "Critical feedback and what is needed to improve the car on the road, that's something I do day in and day out. Doing it from a simulation aspect with AJ [R&D Lead Andrew “AJ” Weber] and the Project Cars guys, that's unique for me."

Project Cars 2 will released later this year on PS4, Xbox One and PC.