Watch the Nintendo E3 2017 Live Spotlight

Nintendo is kicking off E3 with its Nintendo Spotlight with plenty of new details on 'Super Mario Odyssey'

At last year's E3, Nintendo primarily focused on The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, dedicating the majority of its efforts (and it's huge booth) to the massive open-world adventure. Expect a similar focus this year, but on this holiday's sure-thing: Super Mario Odyssey.

Mario's next big game is expected to launch in time for the holiday this year, and will be the most significant release for the Nintendo Switch since Breath of the Wild. Expect an in-depth look of its open-world gameplay, and some exploration of its new setting: New Donk City.

As for other games? There'll no doubt be plenty of talk of Splatoon 2 – and particularly its potential as a competitive tournament game – as well as Arms, which is due to be released later this week. We should also see something on Xenoblade Chronicles 2 and Ubisoft's curious crossover Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle which looks like XCOM for kids. Hopefully we'll also learn about the Switch’s recently-delayed online service, get some Virtual Console details and hopefully get one or two surprises. Maybe a new Super Smash Bros.?

The livestream starts at 9am PT.