Watch The New 'A-Team' Inspired Trailer For 'Agents Of Mayhem'

Very purple, very violent, very Saints Row and out on August 15

Deep Silver Volition

Agents Of Mayhem, the new open world game that exists in the same purple universe as Saints Row, is squad heavy mayhem that's got so much of its tongue in its cheek it can barely talk. The new trailer for the game gives you a glimpse at some of the characters you can build your squad from and the big bad Doctor Babylon.

Going hands-on with the game is fun in the same way that going on a bouncy house after one too many beers is fun. There are 12 heroes to play with, and you can build a squad of three and swap between that at will, depending on the skills you need. The best by far for me was Daisy, a rollerblading tank who (at least according to the mission where we tried to piece together her night out) likes to blackout drink. 

The focus is really on the heroes that make up your squad, all packing enough personality for their own solo MTV reality series and giving the game an Overwatch meets Crackdown meets the cartoons you would watch high on sugar cereal on a Saturday morning kind of vibe. Want a Colombian sky pirate who kills with a drone? That's Fortune. Prefer a giant sailor whop likes to rock a harpoon? That's Hardtack. Feeling more all American pretty boy about life? You'll want Hollywood in your squad. Whichever three you go with swapping between them all is key to getting missions done, even if you just want to stick with your favorite. 

Agents of Mayhem will be out on PC, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One on August 15.