Watch the Korean 'World Of Warcraft' Cooking Show

Hell Hound Sweet and Sour Fish and Murloc Soup are on the menu


South Korean World Of Warcraft fans can now learn how to make recipes inspired by the massive MMO, including Hell Hound Sweet and Sour Fish and Murloc Soup, all thanks to a new cooking show.

According to South Korean site Game About (and Google Translate) the show is called something along the lines of Wow! Recipe? The Meal Is Ready. It's hosted by South Korean chef and television personality Choi Hyun-seok, a dedicated World Of Warcraft fan. 

Joining him on the show are South Korean actor Kim Hye-seong and Jihoon Song, also known as Tester Hoon.

South Korea has a hardcore World Of Warcraft population as demonstrated by this TV commercial for World Of Warcraft: Legion.