Watch the Trailer for 'Doom VFR,' the FPS's Virtual Reality Debut

The most repulsive demons are now in virtual reality. Who asked for this?

'Doom VFR' from Bethesda

Here it is: the Doom VFR we're pretty sure we've been waiting for, a simultaneously alluring and terrifying prospect. It'll have a teleportation-style movement system, so you need not fear gastric catastrophe – just the demons. According to a description by Bethesda, you'll be able to "jet-strafe" in addition to teleporting, and you'll have an ability called "Tele-frag" that'll allow you to reduce demons to "bloody bits." You'll also be able to transfer your consciousness to devices and robots in order to solve puzzles and access new areas in the UAC Martian Research Facility. It's coming to HTC Vive and PSVR, though not Oculus Rift (for obvious reasons).