Watch the Beastly Trailer for the new 'Monster Hunter: World'

The 'Monster Hunter' series comes to PS4, Xbox and PC with new "online drop-in multiplayer"


One of the new games that PlayStation revealed during its hour long trailer extravaganza at E3 was Monster Hunter: World. It will be released in 2018 for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and at a later date for PC. Why did people do so much hollering at the sight of it at the show? It'll be the first console release for the series in nine years.

The trailer focuses on a hero doing battle with one particularly hardcore, dinosaur-esque monster. Capcom has revealed you'll play as a researcher, exploring a new continent. 

The series is known for its four player co-op, but Capcom is building on that tradition with all new multiplayer systems. "For the first time in the Monster Hunter series, players from Japan and the west can play together online, providing an expanded base of cooperative hunting companions," says Capcom. "With the new online drop-in functionality, solo players can hail for assistance from the worldwide group during quests when their opponents are too daunting to take on single-handedly."