Watch Terry Crews Show Off his 'Overwatch' Doomfist Voice Skills

'Brooklyn Nine-Nine' star continues his campaign to join Blizzard's team shooter cast


Doomfist is one of the more mysterious characters in the Overwatch universe, but that hasn't stopped actor Terry Crews from making it clear to developer Blizzard that when the time is right, he wants the role.

This latest video is just the latest stop on his campaign trail and sees the The Expendables 3 and Brooklyn Nine-Nine star delivering a few choice lines like "I'm Doomfist, get ready to hurt" and "I could totally level a skyscraper." 

Blizzard has never actually confirmed it's making Doomfist a playable character, but that hasn't stopped fans speculating or Blizzard teasing them with references. Doomfist’s gauntlet appeared in the announcement cinematic, as the payload in the Numbani map, and was referenced in Sombra's reveal video. It's important to note that Doomfist isn't so much as a person as a title, as former Overwatch creative director Chris Metzen explains. 

"We kind of started thinking how fun would it be if the Doomfist character is actually more of a generational hero, like you see in some of the the big superhero universes," he told PC Gamer. "Potentially any number of people had been The Flash or any number of people had been a Green Lantern. And there's kind of this sense of generational identity. So Doomfist was kind of just a fun riff on that."