Watch 'Resident Evil' Zombies and Claire Redfield Perform 'Thriller'

Modder makes the most of mocap to bring some vintage MJ to the horror classic

Rod Lima

Michael Jackson and Resident Evil might not be the most obvious combination at first glance, but nothing will change your mind quicker than this video of the game's heroine Claire Redfield and bunch of zombies performing 'Thriller' like true dance pros.

The video is the work of modder Rob Lima who used mocap animations from Mixamo to create the scene. Lima is also currently at work on a first person mod for Resident Evil HD that lets you play through the original game as Jill Valentine. 

Lima has modded the whole game, including cutscenes, and it's interesting just how different the classic scenes feel with the switch in perspective. 

If the internet seems unusually Resident Evil obsessed today it's because reviews for the latest instalment, Resident Evil 7, have gone live and (spoiler) they suggest a return to form. The game will be released tomorrow.