Watch Real Life 'Super Mario Run'

Extreme sports videographer Devin Graham turns free run athlete Calen Chana into a convincing Mario

Devin Graham

Mario has always had some serious parkour skills but in the new video from Devin Graham he gets to show them off in the real world. Well, a real world with added coins and human-sized pipes. 

The video stars teenage free run athlete Calen Chan as the man behind the mustache, with Graham's wife Megan playing the role of Princess Peach. You can see more behind the scenes shenanigans here, and check out Graham's Devinsupertramp YouTube page for real world Pokémon Go, Assassin's Creed, Final Fantasy XV and Mario Kart videos.

Graham is an ex-snowboarder who is also known for his extreme sports and stunt videos. He made the move to filmmaking after breaking his back and legs snowboarding. He's now got close to 4.5 million subscribers.