Watch 'Overwatch' Stars Perform Their Anniversary Dance Emotes

Thank Anjali Bhimani, AKA Symmetra, for bringing the dance party to you

Anjali Bhimani

The most endearing part of all the Overwatch first anniversary celebrations have been the in-game dance emotes for each character. Even more adorable, it turns out, are the voice actors for the game trying to recreate those dance emotes in real life. Today Anjali Bhimani, better known to Overwatch fans as Symmetra, shared the compilation with fans. 

Jonny Cruz, the actor that plays Lucio, gets a shout out for cutting some serious shapes, while Feodor Chin, Zenyatta, needs some help from his fellow heroes to make his work. It looks like being a member of the Overwatch cast is a total blast, if there was ever any doubt.

The in-game dance emotes are sadly just Overwatch anniversary event items, even if fans are currently pleading with Blizzard to make them a permanent feature. The anniversary shenanigans end this weekend on June 12 for Xbox One, PS4 and PC.