Watch Nintendo's Surprisingly Popular Switch Video for Parents

Legit cute Bowser Junior rockets video to 167,000 views


You might have noticed a lot of new Nintendo videos online today, which is no surprise given that the Japanese gaming company unveiled its new Switch console last night.

What is surprising is that in the tsunami of videos about the new games, the weird new controllers and the trailers, a video about the console's parental control options has scored over 167,000 views and counting. It can't be that a bunch of parents are desperate to know just how to limit their spawn's gaming time on a Monday night, right?

It seems the culprit must be the adorable mini-Bowser, a tiny version of the Super Mario Bros. series villain, that appears in the video playing his own Switch. We're all just suckers for a tiny monster. 

The Nintendo Switch will be released on March 3 and cost $300.