Watch Nintendo's Official and Very Perky Switch Unboxing Video

Corporate enthusiasm abounds as we finally get a look inside the box


Nintendo, perhaps spurred on by rogue videos of the new Switch going viral, has released its own official unboxing video for its new console and gosh, it is perky. We can almost guarantee this is the perkiest unboxing of an electrical product you will ever see.

Once the they get the fawning about the cardboard packaging out of the way the video does give you a good idea of the size of the tablet, the dock and how it all fits together. The tablet is slim and the Joy-Con controllers look almost comedy tiny.

We'll be sharing our own thoughts on the Switch as soon as we're legally able too, and the new console goes on sale on March 3. As far as we know there is no announced release date for those snazzy Nintendo windbreakers.