Watch Nintendo's Super Social Super Bowl Commercial for Switch

Nintendo's first Super Bowl ad is heavy on the family fun and party play for its new console


Nintendo's new console the Switch will be released in March, so it's splashed out its first ever Super Bowl commercial to get as many eyeballs on the machine as possible. It wants the owners of those eyeballs to know that the portable console is family friendly and will make you popular at parties.

While we get a glimpse of the textbook lone dude playing Zelda: Breath Of The Wild on a couch the real focus is on kids - lots of kids - who were completely missing from the reveal trailer and playing at parties. 

Super Bowl ads aren't a small investment, reports suggest Fox was asking $5 million for ad spots this year and brands often spend another 25 percent on top of that marketing the ads themselves. In 2015 Supercell spent around $9 million on a Clash Of Clans offering featuring Liam Neeson.

Will it pay off for Nintendo? With pre-orders already sold out at major retailers we'll have to wait until March 3 to find out.