Watch Nintendo Milk Real Cows in the Name of '1-2-Switch'

If you consider udders NSFW, look away now


People in games have done a lot in the name of promoting games, but it's fair to say that manhandling an animal's mammary glands is a first. In this new video Nintendo developers take on the Billings Farm and Museum in Woodstock, Vermont in a milking challenge in the game 1-2-Switch.

Billings Farm and Museum challenged Nintendo after accusing them of making the milking game in 1-2-Switch too easy. Nintendo accepted the challenge and got their hands on Mystique the cow, before settling down for some 1-2-Switch in a barn. 

PETA, the People For The Ethical Treatment Of Animals, were not happy about the challenge, arguing that 1-2-Switch hides the real horrors of the dairy farming process. "To help gamers experience the horrific reality of the dairy industry, we’d be happy to provide Nintendo with footage of the filthy conditions that cows are kept in so that it can update the game’s visuals," it said. Nintendo has not responded to the offer.

The other weird games in 1-2-Switch include shaking a soda, competitive eating and soothing a baby to sleep, but as far as we know Nintendo hasn't been challenged by any maternity wards. Yet.