Watch New 'Prop Hunt' Style 'Prey' Trailer: 'Mimic Madness'

Turn into just about anything, including toilet paper and robo-turrets

New 'Prey' trailer has you playing as toilet paper Credit: Bethesda
Watch New 'Prop Hunt' Style 'Prey' Trailer: 'Mimic Madness'

The new trailer for Arkane's May 5 release of Prey titled "Mimic Madness" shows off a very useful ability that allows your character to mimic rolls of toilet paper, coffee mugs, picture frames and bits of furniture. If you're a fan of playing the hide and seek style Prop Hunt game mode in Garry's Mod, it might look like a familiar color idea.

When your character Morgan Yu awakens aboard the Talos I space station at the very beginning of the game, you discover that you are the key subject of a creepy mind-altering experiment that gives you alien powers. In the spirit of all the best sci-fi though: things have gone terribly wrong. The Earth is under threat from an alien infestation, and you have to use your conveniently useful new abilities to fight off the threat.

The  ability shown in this new trailer – called "Mimic Matter" – is actually one of the first you learn, and it allows you to take the form of just about any object aboard the space station so you can stay hidden from the bad guys. Things start small – a a teapot, a banana, a pizza box, a pair of headphones – but as you level up, you’ll eventually be able to mimic more complex objects like security turrets and robots.