Watch new Alien-Packed 'Prey' Trailer

Weapons, powers and extra-terrestrials that do great impressions of chairs in the latest look at the sci-fi horror game


The latest trailer for Prey, Arkane Studios' re-imagining of its sci-fi horror game of 2006, is heavy on the giant, murder hungry aliens. 

Called the Typhon, the aliens come in a variety of violent flavors from giants to spider shaped monstrosities and have powers like mimicking and teleportation. In this latest glimpse at the gameplay we see a chair morph into one of the creatures. RIP buttocks. 

We also get a chance to see some of the powers and weapons that the hero, Morgan Yu, can use to combat the Typhon. Look out for the goop gun that puts out fires, the ability to morph into some sort of turret and what looks like telekinetic girder throwing. 

Prey will be released on May 5.