Watch Milla Jovovich Explain 'Resident Evil' Movies

The star of the movies explains clones, zombie dogs and T-Virus in under 3 minutes

Credit: Sony Pictures

The lore of Resident Evil is one of the more complicated and weird (sentient leeches, for instance) in the world of games and that's before you even start on the spin-off movies. Luckily star of those Resident Evil movies, Milla Jovovich, is here to catch you up in time for Resident Evil: The Final Chapter on January 27. 

Jovovich's recap will take you right back to the beginning, namely her waking up naked in a shower, and then through the T-Virus, wandering in the desert, clones and a "mind control pacemaker." It's everything you need to know about the movies in two and a half minutes. 

If the video gives you an appetite for more viral zombies then check out our primer on the lore of the games. The new game, Resident Evil 7: Biohazard, is out on January 24.