Watch Microsoft's Xbox Showcase, and Project Scorpio's Big Reveal, Here

We know we'll see more of Bioware's 'Anthem,' but what else could be the new console's killer game?

Of all the big companies shaking their tail feathers at E3 this year Microsoft has one of the biggest challenges, wowing gamers with the final reveal of Project Scorpio. Gamers already know what the tech is like under the hood so they'll be focused on two key details - what will it cost, and what can I play on it? Can it deliver anything extra beyond a 4K sheen on games that you could also play on Xbox One? 

Xbox boss Phil Spencer has already warned the world that the show will be longer than the usual 90 minutes, but we have little more than theories as to what we'll see on stage, besides the Scorpio under bright lights. Crackdown? A new Halo? The Viva Piñata reboot the world so desperately needs? We know that we'll get to see more of Anthem, the new game for Bioware that was so very briefly teased at EA's show, but will it be some form of Scorpio exclusive?

Tune in at 2pm ET (5pm ET) to find out.