Watch Mercy and Sombra from 'Overwatch' Trade Voice Lines

Carolina Ravassa and Lucie Pohl turn a New York meet-up into Sercy treat

Carolina Ravassa

Carolina Ravassa, better known as Sombra from Overwatch, and Lucie Pohl, who plays Mercy, were hanging out in New York this week and decided to swap their character voice lines. 

We get to hear the pair swap all the Mercy classics like "did someone call a doctor?" and "heroes never die!" from Sombra and "apagando las luces" and "everything can be hacked... and everyone" delivered by Pohl. The two decide Mombra is a terrible name for a hero mash-up, and pick Sercy instead. 

The release of a new Overwatch comic today starring McCree, Reaper, Soldier:76, Ana, Mercy, Winston and Tracer and a Twitter tease has got fans expecting some big Overwatch news next week.