Watch Geralt IRL in 'The Witcher' Fan-Film

Maul Cosplay, AKA Ben Schamma, plays the monster hunter

CD Projekt RED/Maul Cosplay

There's cosplay and then there's the freakishly accurate mimicry of Maul Cosplay, also known as Ben Schamma. In this short fan movie he shows off his skills bringing our favorite Witcher to life, Geralt of Rivia.

The movie was directed by Leo Kei Angelos and produced by Erika Rogers, who also played the role of Triss. Stephan Bender played the bloody bad guy. 

Schamma is a cosplay genius and (aided by Maja Felicitas) has morphed into a bunch of gaming heroes, including Joel from The Last Of Us, Elder Maxson from Fallout 4, Corvo from Dishonored and Big Boss from the Metal Gear Solid series.