Watch Fallout 4 VATS Christmas Movie

'VATS In Real Life' highlights some of the struggles of owning your own Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System

Media Mashups

Fallout's Vault-Tec Assisted Targeting System, AKA VATS, is a great way for the apocalyptic RPG series to make you feel like a sharpshooting badass, taking out a supermutant's knee at 20 paces. It would be great in real-life too right? Maybe not, if this short parody film from Media Mashups is any guide. 

The video, created by Brits Charlie Parker and Jack Fox, takes a cheeky stab at President Elect Trump and the possibility of nuclear war and uses that as a platform to translate the game's control system, the Pip-Boy, to real world scenarios like kissing, getting breakfast and pooping. None of these things go well when VATS gets involved.

Media Mashups only launched this year but has already applied its fan film skills to Rainbow Six Siege, Halo, Tomb Raider and it's currently working on a Tom Clancy's The Division video. 

"Our focus is video game mashups with film based influences. We want to deliver good-looking fan films, with a combination of strong narrative and comedy to keep viewers happy with our take on the game's worlds," says Parker.

Parker is an award-winning director and producer who has his own production company, Broken Blonde and featured on TEDx as a speaker last year. Fox is also award winning, picking up honors for his work as a visual effects supervisor and director. As well as co-producing and visualising each video, Jack designed and created all the visual effects featured on Media Mashups.