Watch Enchanting 'Undertale' Concept Trailer

Fan film tribute to the indie game cost under $1000

Iron Horse Cinema

Iron Horse Cinema, a video production company with a soft spot for games, has made an impressive concept trailer for a movie adaptation of indie game Undertale.

The RPG game focuses on the Underground, a place filled with monsters. Created by indie game maker Toby Fox, Undertale became a cult hit partly due to its mechanic where players could decide to spare the monsters they encountered, rather than just exterminating everything they came across. 

In Iron Horse Cinema's take on the game we see some familiar faces, Toriel, a goat monster with maternal instincts and Frisk, the child hero of the game. We also see a battle-battered human king, the one who sealed the monsters in the Underground. 

We asked Mike Sgroi, producer and co-owner of Iron Horse Cinema, some questions about the project.

How did the Undertale project come about?
We've been doing fan films for a few years now, and we try to find popular video games, comic books, or pop culture icons to develop concept films about. Undertale has been one of those special games that has caught a wave of nostalgia and at the same time has appealed to a new audience of gamers. Many of the game's fans have been fans of our previous work such as our Five Nights at Freddy's films and our The Last of Us trilogy of fan films. Also, the game's characters and story are highly creative, so it was an exciting and enthusiastic project for us to develop as a live action concept trailer.

What was the budget like?
The budget for this project was under $1000. The actors were paid and other fees went to food, transportation, costumes, and the score. Most of the work was done in house with equipment we own including green screen and warehouse access to film in. All of our films for the most part are done on a shoestring budget. We don't make a profit off of any of our films and many of us do this for free out of passion.

What are the chances of the concept trailer becoming a full film?
For the trailer to become a full film will depend on if we get over 1 million views and raise a budget. We wouldn't develop it into a feature film but maybe something around 10 minutes length. We found that in the world of YouTube, videos more than five minutes in length aren't viewed as often as shorter videos. So we've generally stuck to shorter projects to reach a larger audience. However if the demand for it is large enough and we can raise a budget, then it's something we would definitely consider. 

Have you heard from the creators of Undertale about the project?
We've tweeted a link out to game creator Toby Fox but haven't heard back yet. We hope he appreciates it as much as we appreciate his game.