Watch 'Elite: Dangerous' Player Discover Aliens

Player makes first contact with the Thargoids in space sim


Space simulation game Elite: Dangerous was first released in 2014 with a massive galaxy for its players to explore. Now, for the first time, player DP Sayre has made contact with the game's alien race the Thargoid. Even better, he captured the moment on Xbox DVR. 

Of course this is the internet where everything can be faked, but the game's creators Frontier Developments acknowledged the discovery on social media, giving it the official stamp of approval.

The game's community has reacted with understandable excitement, moving between wonder and debating whether or not to shoot at it on the Elite: Dangerous subreddit. There's also this description of the encounter from someone claiming to be DP Sayre's brother.

"He was on his way to Professor Palin in Maia for more engineering upgrades in his A-rated combat ready Federal Corvette. He only had 3 Magnetic Emitter Coils in his cargo hold, with a $125,000 bounty," he says.

"Jumping through the Ares Dark Region, and pursued by a bounty hunter, he was ripped out of Witch Space and completely disabled. According to him, his hands were shaking so much he was having trouble hitting the record button."

He also reported that DP Sayre was now in contact with Drew Wagar, who wrote the lore for Elite: Dangerous as well as a number of accompanying novels. 

The Thargoid have been with the Elite series of games since the beginning, way back in 1984. Wagar gave this description of the latest encounter.

"The alien vessel was able to interdict a human vessel directly out of witchspace (hyperspace high wake) and disable it. The alien vessel directed a beam of energy at the beleaguered human ship which appeared to move it backwards and possibly scan it. The alien vessel then departed, employing an unknown form of hyperspace technology, rotating rapidly as it did so." 

Whether this first contact turns into an alliance or an space war remains to be seen, but you can expect plenty of lapsed Elite: Dangerous players to be making a return to the stars this weekend.